Colorado Caucus

Yesterday Presidential caucus front runner Mitt Romney was in Grand Junction, CO speaking at a rally. Below are some of the images we shot at that rally. Tonight is the official caucus to see who will win the Colorado Primary. Currently Romney is the front runner going into the Colorado primary.






When is Photoshop a career ender?

There is a news story floating around the web about a photographer with the Sacramento Bee newspaper. Apparently he merged 3 photo’s together in a news story he covered giving a false impression to the viewer and readers. It’s somewhat common news photography to do photo composites but when its done it is revealed in the byline. Not to be forth coming with this type of information is not only misleading but a form of lying to the public.

Photojournalists cover the news. When you change the whole look and feel of an image you have crossed the line. Once that trust has been broken so has the credibility of not only the photographer but of the publication as well. It comes down to an honor code.

You can’t remove objects and things like that from an image. It’s one thing to increase the blues in a sky to make things more appealing to the viewer and show what the photographer saw when the image was taken. It’s a far different creature to remove someones mole or freckle or to merge 3 very different photos into 1 image and call it news. It’s fine to do that with your own images for sales as a print or for a fine art image or even to include in a gallery showing. It is not appropriate to do this in the world of news.

Not only did this seasoned photojournalist loose his job, credibility but he also did a single action that could very well black list him within our photojournalism community. Sadly from the article this is not the first time this photojournalist has done this.

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